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Ongoing Website Protection and Maintenance

After your website is built and optimized for relevant keyword groups and local search results, errors are expected to happen. With normal use of a website comes a list of potential errors. Business owners often face the daunting task of fixing a website that is down on their own. For each minute your site is offline, the number of potential customers not being captured rises. No matter how attractive a website looks, it is worth nothing to a business if it is not up and running. A reliable and attentive webmaster ensures that your website is always looking, performing and returning at its’ best.

There are thousands of issues that a reliable webmaster is capable of fixing. Here are just a few examples:
  • Broken Links
  • 404 errors
  • E-mail not working
  • Missing contact forms
  • Images disappearing
  • Spelling, grammatical errors
  • Hosting issues
  • Adding content/media

Prevent Costly Issues

It’s essential for your business website to show up on the first page of search results. In many cases, identifying and addressing backend issues to your site will dramatically improve the overall health of your site, leading to search engines delivering your website to more relevant people.

Keep Potential Customers Coming 

A business website is only as good as the number of potential customers who visit it. Optimizing your company website to rank locally for relevant search terms and keywords ensures steady traffic, which means opportunities for growth. There are over 200 variables considered by search engines like Google and Yahoo when they decide when ranking company web pages. 95% of people who use search engines like Google never leave the first page of results! After all, this is an “I want it now” society that we live in – especially when it comes to consuming.

Our Webmasters team develops your entire website to achieve search engine optimization, allowing your company to make a footprint in your online target market. Contact us to schedule a consultation free of charge. Our web team will work closely with your creative team to design and create the type of website that is right for your company.

The Benefits of Having a Reliable Webmaster

Instant Maintenance

Websites break. There are thousands of moving parts on the backend and within the code of a site. If something goes haywire, it’s vital to address the issues immediately. Having a webmaster that is dedicated to monitoring and maintaining your website means that your site will never be missing the eyes of potential customers.

Contact Forms

The essence of service based business is capturing leads. Contact forms on websites can break and when they do, it’s devastating. Companies can lose numerous leads over the period the form is down. Our webmasters are available 24/7 to assist clients with broken contact forms and web pages.

Search Engine Crawl Issues

Broken links are a huge NO NO to google and having a webmaster to monitor your crawl errors, like broken links, will prevent your site from dropping in ranks and increase user experience.

Updates and Changes

A webmaster also is responsible for adding, removing, and maintaining all of the web content and media on a website. Anytime you want anything added the webmaster is responsible for this. A webmaster is not only an extra level of website security but, someone who can handle the entire job from software, to design, to implementation.

Site Speed

The speed of your website plays a huge role in the performance, user experience, and Google score. Our webmaster services compress, zips, and streamlines your website to outperform competitors. With the addition of added content, more speed issues can occur.

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