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Backend Issues lead to a direct impact on your websites search opportunities

Businesses Should Check Their Website Health Quarterly 

  • Update Emerging Requirements from Search Engines
  • Optimize Site for Maximum Return
  • Always Receive Contact Forms
  • Prevent E-mail Issues
  • Make Sure Google Knows What Your Website is About
  • Professional, Efficient Presentation of Your Business


Ongoing web security is essential for any internet marketing. Keep your company and customer’s information safe with ongoing protection and security that starts with constant monitoring and maintenance to keep hackers out of your site. One of the main functions of a Webmaster is ensuring that business websites are constantly kept safe, and running efficiently.

Prevent Costly Issues

It’s essential for your business website to show up on the first page of search results. In many cases, identifying and addressing backend issues to your site will dramatically improve the overall health of your site, leading to search engines delivering your website to more relevant people.

Keep Potential Customers Coming 

A business website is only as good as the number of potential customers who visit it. Optimizing your company website to rank locally for relevant search terms and keywords ensures steady traffic, which means opportunities for growth. There are over 200 variables considered by search engines like Google and Yahoo when they decide when ranking company web pages. 95% of people who use search engines like Google never leave the first page of results! After all, this is an “I want it now” society that we live in – especially when it comes to consuming.

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If there is something keeping your website from ranking, it’s important to know about it. Keeping up with regular maintenance to your website can be the key to putting your site at the top of search results while keeping marketing costs to a minimum.

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The RM2GO Approach

In today’s digitally focused world businesses and individuals alike wishing to remain competitive must have a good looking, intuitive and highly functional website. Anything less will simply not do especially when striving to outperform the competition. That is why it is so important to not only have a great looking website but to also ensure that your website is routinely inspected, tuned up, modified, updated and improved as necessary. Nothing can be more damaging to long-term branding than leaving a website unmaintained and unmonitored. websites should be viewed as

Websites should be viewed as living, breathing and constantly changing entities.

We are your “go to” source for web and brand development that is always a cut above. Along with advanced website maintenance, we aim to deliver the best in traditional marketing and digital marketing all in a single package. RM2GO can show you how to optimize your website so that your business enjoys dynamic digital success at every turn. Whether it is your next big idea or perhaps that you simply wish to take your existing business to an entirely new level by using today’s modern digital tools and resources, RM2GO is always standing by and ready to help. Contact our team of professionals today to get started!

Keeping this simple fact in mind it is clear to see why having a routine physical performed on your website at regular intervals is so vital. For example, website loading time is critical to keeping visitors engaged.

When a website performs poorly potential visitors may move on to the next website.

Navigation-related issues are another concern that must be addressed.  Highly competitive businesses simply cannot afford to drive customers or clients away because of faulty website navigation. In addition, for a website to remain fresh, relevant and engaging it must constantly have new and compelling content. Professional website management is one of the best ways to keep your digital presence active and alive.

1..  The Essence of Good SEO Strategy

The Essence Of Good Search Strategies

While the forward facing portion of a website must be properly maintained, the “backend” is equally as important in keeping a site operating at peak performance. Backend related issues easily have a direct impact on a website’s search ranking and search page results. From improper metadata application to poorly written computer code, there are many backend elements that can have a serious and detrimental impact on search metrics.

Today’s modern search engine algorithms are highly specialized and extremely capable of detecting inconsistencies and errors in overall website design.

When search engine algorithms detect functionality issues from a backend perspective as well as faulty code or other related issues the site will typically be penalized. This can have a profound effect on the website’s ability to rank high for industry specific keywords. One of the best ways to avoid this issue is to have a website’s backend routinely inspected and checked for consistency, functionality and clean coding. Gaining the most from any digital branding campaign requires careful consideration with regard to both the backend as well as the forward facing portion of a website. As mentioned, neglecting either aspect can result in losing vital search engine ranking or positioning.

2..  Site Security

Is Your Site Secure?

Today more than ever before website security is a key and vital concern. While having a great looking and a perfectly functioning website is incredibly important, maintaining the highest levels of security is equally as critical. Anytime a website is compromised because of less-than-ideal security, the website owner, as well as clients and website visitors, may suffer. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable team of website professionals is the best way to maintain optimum levels of site security at all times.

This combined with protecting clients’ and customers’ personal information will encourage long-term business viability. Because security has become the number one emerging issue in web maintenance, working with the right experts in the field can make all the difference. Rarely does a day go by without something being highlighted in the news about a particular security breach or a large-scale hacking event.

Work with a trusted name in the industry in order to maintain a cutting edge and state-of-the-art security plan for your website at all levels. RM2GO offers innovative, unique and highly personalized website maintenance services designed to give your business the digital competitive edge that it deserves. Call today to learn more!

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